How To Find GPS Coordinates Of A Place For Your Jewelry/Gifts

By March 17, 2017 Personalization Guides, Ultimate Guides

Getting someone a coordinates necklace, bracelet or ring with wrong location rather than the one you want to celebrate is like getting a misspelled tattoo. Both make for a cringe-worthy experience that takes time and money to correct.
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Bracelet Size Guide Pt.2: Find Someone Else’ Bracelet Size Without Wrist Size

By March 15, 2017 Size Guides, Ultimate Guides

This guide will tell you how to find someone else’s bracelet size without their wrist measurement. If you are buying your own bracelet, refer to our Bracelet Size Guide Pt.1: How to Find Your Bracelet Size and Wrist Size.

Method 1: Measuring one of his or her existing bracelets

Step 1: Select the right bracelet

Pay attention to what type such bracelet is. Make sure the bracelet you measure is similar in both style and silhouette as the one you intend to buy: chain bracelet, beaded bracelet or charm bracelet.

Step 2: Measure the bracelet

Bracelet Size Guide Pt.2: Find Someone Else' Bracelet Size Without Wrist Size

Set it down flat on a surface. With a ruler, measure the length from the end of clasp to the end of the hook.
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Necklace Length Guide: How To Measure & Choose The Right Necklace Chain Length

By March 8, 2017 Size Guides, Ultimate Guides

When buying a necklace online, a decision you might find yourself agonize over is choosing the right necklace length, be it for a woman or a man. This guide will help you select the right necklace length that will best showcase your necklace, accentuate your facial and body features and suit your wardrobe.

This comprehensive necklace length guide will tell you:

    • How to find your necklace length
    • How to choose the right necklace length for another woman or man

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Bracelet Size Guide Pt.1: Find Your Bracelet Size And Wrist Size

By March 8, 2017 Size Guides, Ultimate Guides

This guide will tell you how to find your wrist size and bracelet size. If you are buying bracelet for someone else, refer to our Bracelet Size Guide Pt.2: How to Find Someone Else’s Bracelet Size Without Their Wrist Measurement.


A common misunderstanding is that there is one designated bracelet size (say, M) for you. Unfortunately, unlike clothes, there is no universal bracelet size chart across different brands. You can’t say “My bracelet size is size M”. Instead, you need to figure out your bracelet size each time using these 3 factors:

1. Wrist measurement, which can be small on a curvy person and vice versa. In order to get the right bracelet size, you must know your exact wrist measurement (also called wrist size), then use that to select the right bracelet size.

2. Bracelet design and brand size chart. If you know your chain bracelet size, it doesn’t mean that your cuff or bangle size is the same. You can also be a Pandora’s size M, but a Tiffany’s size S.

3. Fit. Whether you want it to fit snugly or loose

You can only get an accurate bracelet size if you know each factor correctly.
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